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iSCAPE is a collaborative two year research project which seeks to prepare the Small Isles of Eigg, Canna, Muck and Rum for a sustainable economic and social future. The programme’s aims include the creation of digital tools, such as websites to enhance the economic sustainability of the islands. This website is part of the iSCAPE research project.

While each island community is very different, they all have the main industries of tourism and agriculture in common; this is reflected in the research strands of the project.

Tourism Strand

• Develop the Economic Sustainability and tools to deliver business growth and opportunity

• Provide interactive information service for visitors to the islands

• Information store with facility to query

• Online shopping facility

• Simple to manage and update

Community Strand

• Act as a ‘shop window’ for the Communities

• Ability to advertise businesses

What will we achieve by the end of 2013?

• Part of the work includes development of the iSCAPE web portal, this will include advice on how to recognise future potential and develop ideas further in terms of business planning and social networking – for example there could be a network of craft producers or a series of co-ordinated events across the islands.

* New ways of connecting islanders with each other, for example an electronic swap shop, and connecting with the rest of the world, for example with mobile phone apps
* Digital tools to support, promote and enhance tourism and other businesses on the islands, for example an iSCAPE webspace which is a one-stop-shop for information and services offered by the community

*Using social media to bring people closer together, for example through a common ancestry or heritage

Small Isles Website/Web portal

Amongst many other pages and tools the Small Isles Web Portal will include:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Digital Swap Shop
  3. Industry Specific Blogs and information E.G. Agriculture, Tourism
  4. Booking system for accommodation
  5. Local businesses promoting their services
  6. Interactive information access
  7. Blogging
  8. Data requests
  9. Photographic, written, spoken and verbal archive
  10. Data management

Local History Societies

• Bespoke web space which matches the needs of local history societies in digitising their archives; making their sites interactive for researching family trees etc.

• People will be able to add their own ‘histories’ to the websites

You can follow the iSCAPE project on twitter @iscape_project

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