Canna Wildlife

Canna has a huge wealth and variety of wildlife.  Designated as a Special Protection Area under the EU Birds Directive for its large population of breeding seabirds, 176 different kinds of bird have been recorded, including Puffin, White-tailed Eagle, Skua, Shearwater and Crossbill.

The waters surrounding Canna are home to Common Dolphin, Harbour Porpoise, Minke Whale, Orca (or Killer) Whale and the more gentle giant, the Basking Shark.  On land, the island’s inhabitants include otter and the famously tiny Canna Mouse, as well as a large number of butterfly and moth species.

The island also has a wealth of wildflowers in spring and summer, including the rare fragrant orchid. The meadows and machair are a carpet of yellows, pinks, blues and purples as you walk through orchids, lousewort, milkwort, birdsfoot trefoil and much more.  On the rockier ground you’ll find such interesting specimens as biting stonecrop, and on the marshy land the bright yellow stars of bog asphodel.

More about Canna

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