Samhain, the dark season, is upon us

Tonight is Samhain, the Celtic Halow’een, when the wolf time is upon us. There was a tremendous thunderstorm last night, ushering it style. Even though trees in our islands have kept their leaves way so much later that they normally do, they are now shedding them big time, a whirlwind of falling colours as you walk through the woodland. There are still some berries on the bramble bushes, but the rowans have been stripped by migrating birds. At the weekend, our children will be running around in their ghoulish costumes to gather nuts and sweets from household to household, a time as exciting for them as Christmas!

But tonight, one of the important calendar days of the old Celtic year, some of us will make a little fire, share some seasonal food and reflect on our plans for the season to come: the dark months are a time of gestation when ideas germinate and take root to birth in the springtime.
This year, we want to develop our Eigg Well-BEing strand.

It has been so inspiring to have Morwen, Katrin’s Yoga teacher, coming over to Eigg this autumn. We are looking forward to practice with her when she returns for her April retreat.
We are also deepening our Qi Gong practice. Our little group has been going for a few years now. And little by little, as we get deeper into our practice, we are discovering together the arcane but deceptively simple philosophy of Daoism with its theory of the 5 elements, earth, wood, metal, fire and water.

This is a new way to apprehend the world around us which we would be happy to share with the people that come to spend time in our islands.
We want to engage with them, share the islands’ spirit of place and travel together on the journey to reconnect with our deeper nature.

happy Samhain then, and watch this space next spring…


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