Welcome to iSCAPE

Welcome to the iSCAPE project Blog Site.  iSCAPE is a joint venture between The Small Isles Community Council, Aberdeen University, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and LEADER.  The Small Isles are to be found in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, and comprise the islands of Canna, Eigg, Rum and Muck.

What is the iSCAPE Project looking to achieve?

iSCAPE is a project to enhance existing businesses and to nurture new business opportunities using existing accessible resources on the Small Isles.

What are the existing resources?

The people and their networks, the wildlife, the landscapes, the buildings, history and social events.

What help will there be?

We will tap into fieldworkers and other islanders’ expertise and experience and look at what people have done elsewhere. Fieldworkers will receive training and carry out their own research.

The aims of iSCAPE

• To create and pilot a digital sustainable community-based model for transforming past, present and future resources into small businesses in sparsely populated rural communities, where the technological infrastructure is limited.

• To involve communities in planning, developing and using the resource for economic and social gain through community field workers supported by the University of Aberdeen.

Who is involved?

Everyone on the islands can be involved and there are paid members of staff


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